About Company

This is the source of our customers' confidence in us and we will continue to explore the gaps that point to the need for the governance of our business and aim to:

  • Keeping pace with the development to provide sustainable solutions to customers
  • Always introducing new products and solutions to meet market needs
  • To be a leading reference model in the quality and diversity of products
  • To maintain the company's leadership and precede the aspirations of its customers in the level of services
  • The company seeks to work according to the highest levels of international quality and to continue to research and satisfy the needs of customers and provide innovative products
  • Being a full-fledged Alimtyaz Integrated co.ltd., the largest company at the local and regional level with high quality, advanced and comprehensive quality

A private limited liability company established in 1998. Although deeply rooted in Sudan, the company aims to achieve international and regional markets, and also through partnerships with international companies operating in the field of auto spare parts

We are proud of the strength of our business strategy through which we have been able to continue to achieve success, through which we have been able to be prominent competitors in the local and regional market. We have achieved great success but we still have more to offer and we will continue with a confident and steady pace to work on the growth and development of our company. The company has a trade name in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and a coordination office in South Korea (Seoul).

The customer is always right.

Work with absolute integrity and highest ethical standards.

Exert maximum effort to satisfy the desires of customers.

Excellence in providing the best services to customers.

Our products are selected with the highest quality standards with a focus on the right price for customers.

(Customer - product - performance - diversification - commitment)

We work first and foremost to satisfy our customers who have always contributed significantly to the company's success

We work hard to make our company the force to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We work locally but our thinking is global.

(GSP) is a leading manufacturer of automotive safety parts.

(GSP) The company was established in 1985 and produces drives shaft, c.v joint , shock absorption systems (Shock absorber,bushing, brake pads, brake shoes, wheel hub, power steering gear, engine mounting, stabilizer link … etc). The product range covers about 95% The company's products span more than 120 countries around the world.

(GSP) operates production facilities in China, North America and distribution centers in Germany. The United States of America has 2,000 qualified and experienced employees to provide better quality grants.The company also produces high quality products

GSP is the primary data supplier for automotive parts programs in Europe and North America. (GSP) offers itself as a loyal, reliable and competent partner for auto parts worldwide guaranteeing a comprehensive range of products on time delivery, competitive prices and terms as well as customer service. GSP also contributes to the environment by applying the highest environmental standards and energy saving programs.

Our Customers

Central Gas Police - Ministry of Finance Gedaref - Ministry of Urban Planning - National Water Authority of Khartoum State - Shikan Insurance Company - Al Baraka Insurance Company - Islamic Insurance Company - Neilan International Company - MAM Group of Companies - Sudan Petroleum Pipeline Company - Nile University - Um Darman Islamic University - Red Sea Co. - Civil Aviation - Roman Car Maintenance - MTC